All about laptop adapters

The laptop adapter is used to provide sufficient power to operate the laptop for extended periods of time and recharge the laptop battery. When the AC adapter is not working, the notebook battery cannot charge and the computer cannot start or operate until the battery is sufficiently charged. Why is it often difficult to find original power supplies from the manufacturer? Continue reading to learn more.

About compatible adapters

Many people, trying to save a few dollars or simply because their suppliers do not offer original power adapters, buy "compatible" adapters. You can try adapter for panasonic laptop. The male end of the adapter fits relatively well into the female connector of the notebook and in most cases eliminates the female connector. 

Their voltage and amperage, more or less close to the needs of the computer, and their sometimes irregular or even random flow, as well as their annoying tendency to "blow fuses" burning through the motherboard and daughter board, are the main source of work for our technicians. The truly striking extent of the damage caused by this adapter is so great that we officially recommend that it should not be used, and that workshops repairing laptops should procure only original adapters from the manufacturer.

Why is it often difficult to find original power supplies from the manufacturer ?

The reason is simple: a compatible power supply is suitable for more or less many notebook models due to the different connectors and voltages. You only need a few compatible chargers to cover 95% of all existing notebooks. If you also sell low-quality chargers, which are unfortunately all too common, you can make more money with less inventory and work .... at the expense of your customers. There are hundreds of different types of original power supplies. Each is specifically tailored to a particular series of laptops. Maintaining such a large inventory and up-to-date database requires a significant investment.