French president, Mr. Macron pleads with the EU and US to divert Covid-19 vaccines to Africa

The French leader has pleaded with European nations to give the vaccines to African and Latin American nations. He said they should stop being selfish and let the vaccines reach poorer nations. 

French president begs EU and US to help poor nations for COVID-19 vaccines 

 The president of France Emmanuel Macron has asked the United Nations and America to send about 6% of their present coronavirus vaccines to developing nations in Africa. He warned that failure to help the poorer countries will affect everyone in the world. Macron stated that given the current biased distribution of vaccines in the west, it has shown there is a large gap in inequality in the world. 

He warned that some countries are hiking their vaccine prices which is unfair to global equity. 

'' We have heard of rumors that some wealthy nations are paying double the price, to get the vaccines in abundance. While what anyone does with their finances is his business, poorer nations shouldn't be left out. ''

 '' We cannot accept that where a person leaves should be the basis of how they get vaccines. ''

The Distribution of COVID-19 vaccines remains unbalanced

His comments come after the UN chief Antonio Guterres lambasted western nations for hoarding about 83% of total vaccines in circulation. Wealthy nations like Britain and Canada have asked for more large supplies of doses for their population. While Africa and Latin American nations don't have enough to go around. 

The distribution of vaccines has been a huge problem around Europe with many European nations accusing the UK of getting large shares of the AstraZeneca vaccine without considering other nations. Also, there have been various supply issues for the pharmaceutical firms themselves which have decreased vaccine supplies. 

Poor countries have not been receiving doses of the vaccine with South Africa becoming the first country on the continent to get the Johnson & Johnson dose on Wednesday.