Canada and Britain impose heavy sanctions on Myanmar leaders

Sanctions have been imposed on the military rulers in Burma. The Canadian and UK government has frozen some leaders' assets due to the coup. 

Canada and Britain bans Myanmar military rulers 

Britain and the Canadian government have given the military leadership in Burma heavy sanctions after they carried out a coup that ousted a democratically elected leader. Another Asian country, Japan has aided the US, Australia, and India that Myanmar must be returned to democracy quickly. Virtually all western nations have rebuked the army coup in Burma where Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi was deposed and detained. 

The coup also engulfed several government officials and other elected members of the NLD. This has caused heavy demonstrations in major cities in the country with various roadblocks. The military leaders have reacted by claiming the protest was orchestrated by outsiders and has banned street protest. 

Britain's bans include freezing the assets of top military officials and also issuing travel bans to four Burmese generals. Likewise, Canada said it will take severe actions against the Burmese army generals. 

Myanmar Army to be held for all cases of violence in Burma 

'' We will hold the Burmese army for the various acts of abuse witnessed during the peaceful protest by the citizens. Also, we will continue to ask for a return to democracy as enshrined in the constitution .''

Britain foreign minister Dominic Raab stated.

The UK has already put sanctions on general Min Aung Hlaing after he was accused of various abuses against the Rohingya tribe and various minority groups in Myanmar. Army officials failed to comment on the latest sanctions as sources claim it was expected.   

Japan foreign minister Toshismistu Motegi told western members that he agreed that the issues in Burma should be resolved quickly by a return to normalcy. However, the ban on public demonstrations has not affected the crowd that continued to tread the cities of Burma.