All about using artificial intelligence

The mind-boggling evolution of technology has made the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) popular. It's the hottest field in modern technology, and every company is embracing it. With constant advances in algorithms and computing capabilities, AI is now being used in many fields, from healthcare and finance to transportation and security. Here's everything you need to know about this revolutionary concept.

What is artificial intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the ability of machines to imitate human cognitive functions. In practice, it is involved in aspects such as learning, perception and reasoning. You can see this site to learn more about the creation of this type of technology. For the record, such intelligence comprises several sub-domains, including :

  • machine learning ;
  • neural networks ;
  • natural language processing ;
  • computer vision.

The contribution of artificial intelligence to healthcare

One of the sectors that AI has truly revolutionized is healthcare. Indeed, with the help of this technological advance, healthcare workers find it easier to make more accurate diagnoses. A real relief for them. What's more, they make these diagnoses a little faster.

This makes treatments more effective and personalized to each case. What's more, with such a strategy in place, health workers can manage multiple medical records without fear of making mistakes. It has to be said that this action and result are made possible by AI learning algorithms. These automatic algorithms can analyze large quantities of medical data to detect patterns and trends. A result that is transmitted to the attending physician so that he can make a conscious decision on the case he has in consultation.

The use of artificial intelligence in transport

In addition to the healthcare sector, artificial intelligence is also being used in the transport sector. In this case, it is being used to improve road safety, optimize routes, predict transport demand and develop autonomous vehicles.

This last point is all the more important, as autonomous cars are built on the basis of the knowledge acquired by AI. In principle, these are vehicles that :

  • can detect obstacles ;
  • automatically interpret road signs ;
  • make decisions in real time to prevent accidents to the driver ;
  • etc.

Artificial intelligence in the financial sector

In the financial sector, artificial intelligence is an effective way for financial institutions to detect fraud, analyze market data, automate processes and provide personalized services to customers.

It has to be said that with human input, there is always a risk of fraud and embezzlement. On the other hand, when everything is automated, it's up to machine learning algorithms to analyze financial transactions in real time and identify suspicious patterns. The impact of artificial intelligence on employmentMore and more companies are making this advance part of their development strategy. A move which raises some concerns about the real impact of this technology on employment.

For example, there are certain tasks that were traditionally carried out by humans, but which are now automated to optimize output. This may lead to job losses in some areas. However, artificial intelligence also brings new opportunities. We're talking here about jobs in the development and management of artificial intelligence systems, and online data protection.