Chromebook takes the first position, as MacBook is sidelined as the most popular PC

Apple has been overrun by Chromebook and has the world's most popular computer system. This research was done by a private study that used factors like price and operating systems.  

Chromebook takes the first position as most popular PC 

Google-made Chromebook law has taken over the PC industry in a historic event beating the world-famous MacBook for the first time in decades. According to IDC which analyzed the usage of various operating systems and computer systems like windows and Apple Os released this result on Thursday.

 It says that the Chrome OS has moved ahead of the MacOs, in an unexpected move. This operating system has been used by many people for educational purposes especially in online learning. The Chrome OS has an 11.2 % market share according to figures on the IDC website. 

This research shows that despite being displaced by Chrome, Apple's market share has grown from 6.8% to 7.8% in 2020 which is good for this tech giant. However, windows software remains the most used OS with about 81.76% market share. The remaining percentage is used by Linus and other small software. 

Mobile devices were not considered during results collation 

These figures take into consideration using desktops and laptops but didn't analyze data from mobile devices. Chromebook was launched in 2012 and was aimed to connect to various online applications and is usually run by powerful hardware. The majority of Chromebooks are cheaper than other hardware and are developed by various firms.

It has been cheap since 2018, however, in recent times it has become more affordable. '' Chromebooks have become more popular as lockdown takes over the world. It has now been used for work and educational purposes. ''. Apple in recent times has become more expensive, and this may have contributed to why the cheaper option has been looked to by most people.